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A Spiritual Meal From The Rev. Gary E. Costa, our Pastor

"Lent 2018" - February 2018

When we think about Lent we think about discipline, sacrifice, and repentance. Is it fair to say that our Lenten disciplines and our sacrifices strip us down or simplify us in preparation for repentance? Maybe our Lenten practices help us uncover who we are in the world. If Epiphany is a season that helps us come to know who Jesus really is, then Lent is a season that helps us come to know who we really are.

During Lent people refrain from eating decadent foods or fast. They increase their prayer life and they increase their giving. The process is designed to show us how reliant we have been on self-indulgences, how reliant we have been on self-sufficiency, and how reliant we have been on hoarding our resources. It is here in the doing without, that we get to encounter a part of ourselves that has been hidden under all the stuff. It is the part that is desperately in need of God. We had gotten so use to filling the emptiness with all the stuff of the world that we can only rediscover it when we take the stuff away. May your Lenten journey lead you to the truth. You are a people desperately in need of God.

God's Peace,

Pastor Gary

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