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A Spiritual Meal from The Rev. Gary E. Costa, our Pastor

"Full Bloom" - July 2018

Full bloom is a gradual process. The branches of the trees and bushes once bare grow to full bloom slow but steady. We go to bed and rise again day after day hardly noticing. Then one day the thickness and richness of their bloom grabs our attention. 

“The kingdom of heaven is like the mustard seed, the tiniest of all seeds, yet when it springs up and grows, it becomes the largest plant in the garden. And with so many enormous spreading branches, even the birds can nest in its shade.” (Mark 4:31-32) 

The kingdom of heave is like a small seed planted in us through words spoken to us, through our experiences, and through holy and divine moments. We continue in life unaware of the cumulative effect of these things. As we go. As we grow, we like the birds are able to find shade and shade from our own rebellious wills. We realize that we are all moving closer and closer to the harvest. That is the place of full bloom. That is the place where the kingdom of heaven completely overwhelms the kingdom of the world. 

For now we encounter each other at different stages of bloom. Some are still bare and unaware. Some have leaves of curiosity. Some rest in the shade but continue to venture out into this heavenly kingdom. There are some who live in this new reality most all the time. Whatever state we find ourselves in, we need to have compassion for one another and for ourselves, until full bloom.

God's Peace,

Pastor Gary

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