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"Stressed? You are Not Alone" - January / February / March 2023

So many people have told me that they are feeling more stressed today than ever before. There are plenty of reasons to feel uneasy. The financial pressure is on us as we observe the prices of some things have doubled due to inflation on a global scale. People still want big screen TVs and oversized SUVs but their ability to pay for them is most likely less these days. As a result, mounting debt and diminished savings is leading to more pressure. The threat of viral infection increasing again, concerns over the continuing war in Eastern Europe, the effects of climate change, and never ending family concerns all add to the mounting feeling of uneasiness and tension. The current political environment is also very disturbing. What I hear some elected officials say is frightening. There are so many things that can cause us to be stressed. 

What can we do to find peace and tranquility in this stressful world? Research has found that certain sights and sounds can ease tension and bring calm. The sound of running water is considered the most calm inducing sound, and the sight of a sunset is a close second. Foods can also be stress busting. Among them are chocolate, warm bread, and ice cream. While chocolate contains chemical properties that elevate mood, the other foods may be favorites for psychological reasons. In the study, researchers found that the smell of fresh bread produced feelings of safety and security. 

The Institute for Color Research has found that blue and green are the most soothing colors; while red and yellow are the most stressful. We have heard of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which causes some people to be depressed during dreary winter months. In fact polls show that people do feel most depressed in the winter; and most serene in the spring. Exercise is a proven stress reliever. Many people walk, jog, or run to keep tension at bay. While sounds, sights, foods, and exercise may be helpful, the power of prayer is a sure and certain help in stressful times. 

The great 20th Century Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr composed a wonderful prayer that has become a well known classic. It is referred to as the Serenity Prayer. Most people are only familiar with the first part. The prayer, however, continues with additional verses that are well worth noting. The complete prayer is posted below.

May the peace of Christ be with you,

Rev. Leigh Pezet, Pastor


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