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       Glimpses of Glory from The Rev. Dr. Leigh W. Pezet, Pastor    

"A Pastoral Message" - May / June / July 2021

The week after Easter our daughter and her family went on a trip for five or six days. While they were away, it was my job to be the pet goldfish sitter. Every day I went to their house to feed the goldfish those very thin flakes of fish food. By the fifth day I began to feel a personal connection with the fish. Feeding the pet goldfish reminded me of the experiments done with fish that were placed in a large tank of water which had a sheet of glass set in the middle. This separated the fish into two groups. The fish very quickly settled into a routine. Fish in each group would swim from their end of the tank to the glass partition. Then they would swim back again. Back and forth they fish would swim. Then, one day, the glass partition was removed. 

The interesting thing is that the swimming patterns of the fish didn’t change. The fish still turned around when they reached the point where the barrier had been. Each fish continued to swim only in half of the tank. 

The questions I hope you will ask yourself are these: 

Is there a barrier that separates you from certain other people or groups? Is your concern for others, your compassion and understanding attitude reserved for your own side of the tank only? 

As Christians we are called to break through the partitions of hate, resentment, suspicion and prejudice that separates, divides and isolates us from other human beings; regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion or orientation. The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus loves them all. For it was Jesus who emphatically said, “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you.” 

In these very unusual and troubled times of increased intolerance and hatred toward certain groups of people, the teachings of Jesus are so greatly needed. Let us pray that perhaps for the first time we, and Christians everywhere, actually try to take seriously and live by the mandate of Jesus to “love one another.” 

All praise to God,

Rev. Leigh Pezet, Pastor


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